Plain Concrete

If you are looking for an affordable way to enhance your driveway or outdoor space, plain concrete is the perfect partner, it delivers you everything you need to retain your estate’s classic look. We only use high-quality concrete mix to guarantee that your concrete driveway will last for decades.

We value quality and take extra care to deliver incredible results. We are the company you can trust with all your plain concrete driveway needs

Why Choose Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is perfect for areas where a decorative appearance is not needed, such as cabin hardstandings, shed bases, and dog kennels.

Plain concrete is practical and inexpensive compared to other concrete types, and provides your outdoors with a simple yet long lasting base. Simple concrete driveways, footpaths, and patios are all very popular at Garden Kingdom.


Our landscaping experts will provide a professional solution, even if you’re after a concrete driveway, a lawn, veranda area, or just want to concrete the area around your house. We have the expertise to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for with our experience in concrete.

Book an appointment with our team and we will lead you from the beginning to the final process. Our team will design and build your new concrete layer, build it, seal it if needed, and wipe it up afterward to leave you with a flawless concrete surface that is ready to use.