Side Gate

As every room has a door, we believe every garden should have a gate. Side gates are often used in industrial settings, but they are an excellent addition to any residential property that needs efficient space utilisation. Be it a traditional design or a contemporary one, we supply and install garden gates in different shapes and sizes to fit any budget.

Why Choose Side Gates?

Side gates can be fully customized and crafted from a variety of materials, including timber, steel, and aluminium.

They have a variety of qualities to suit the needs of customers, these include aesthetics, practicality, and strength, they also provide an added layer of protection as they are far more difficult to open. At Garden Kingdom, we provide all those quality attributes in our garden gates.


As a professional garden fencing company, Garden Kingdom have the expertise to complete the job more quickly and effectively. No matter what’s your landscape design preference, we will provide you the best solution that works well with your garden space. If you wish to benefit from our fencing service, get in touch with us today!