Timber Fence

Whether you’re restoring an existing fence or constructing one from the ground up, we have the right timber fencing for you. Garden Kingdom uses only the top standard, sustainably produced, and pressure-treated timber, ensuring that your fence can last for decades.

We take the time to get to know our customers and their fencing projects, so we can find the desired solutions on time and at a great price, backed up by expert opinions.

Why Choose Timber Fence?

Nothing can outclass the traditional appeal of a wooden or timber fence. Timber provides a warm, rustic look to any garden and boosts its sturdiness. All our fencing materials are produced from high quality timber that makes your fence stunning and durable.

The timber panels are designed to work with slotted posts creating a simple and easy installation process. Whether you need a small or large timber fence for your garden, we have the ability to take up projects of any size.


As a professional garden fencing company, Garden Kingdom have the expertise to complete the job more quickly and effectively. No matter what’s your landscape design preference, we will provide you the best solution that works well with your garden space. If you wish to benefit from our fencing service, get in touch with us today!